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Save loads of design time by adding this custom designed multi FAQ Divi section to your website. Just add in your questions and answers and you’re FAQ is ready. You can even change the colors, fonts and image to match your website’s design.

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The Equistic custom designed multi FAQ Divi section allows you to create multiple sections within your FAQ. It would look awesome on your website and help you finish your website quicker. Check out all the great features below.

  • Created with Divi v3.22.4
  • No plugins used
  • Created only using the Divi Builder
  • Uses 1 quarter – 3 quarter column structure
  • All FAQs load with each Question closed
  • Create multiple FAQ sections
  • Just add your content and you’re done
  • Professional design
  • Includes a Photoshop template for image editing
  • Easy to change colors and fonts
  • A Get Started help sheet
  • No licensing
  • Save loads of design and set-up time

The Accordion Module

This FAQ section uses the Divi Accordion Module for each area. It’s perfect for creating your company FAQ. The default Divi Accordion Module loads with the top item open which is not ideal. This FAQ loads with all the items closed. This lets your visitors browse the questions easier and pick which one to open first. Clicking on another question within each area will close any previously opened questions. Click the Live Preview button to try it out.

Adding Content

It’s easy to add in your own questions and answers. Just open the accordion module and click the settings (gear icon) of the question you would like to change. Once your question and answer has been added you can arrange them in any order, duplicate them to add more questions or delete any you don’t need.

Photoshop Template Included

There’s also a Photoshop template included to help you easily change the image in the FAQ to anything you like.

Need Help?

If you’re not comfortable changing the content, colors, fonts and image or don’t have the time feel free to email us about creating a custom designed FAQ section for your website. (Additional fees may apply.)


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