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We created Web Design in Site (WDIS) as a source for Divi sections that you can easily add to enhance your website or help speed up your build time and get your website up and running faster.

It’s great for designers looking for some fresh ideas, or a developer who would like to add some nice design sections to their website.

We’ve been designing websites since the 90s and get a kick out of coming up with creative ideas for either entire websites or just single pages.

When we started using Divi there were times when we wished we could just add a few sections instead of building them from scratch.

We thought it would be cool to have something that was a simple grab and go. Need a header, pick from the options available and add it to your site. Match the fonts and colors to your website and you’re done.

We’ve started with a few of our more fun sections and we’ll be adding more ideas for Divi sections as things grow. Stay tuned.

We hope you find a few Divi sections that you would like to use on your website projects. Send us your suggestions or requests. We’d love to hear from you.

Custom Designed Divi Sections for Your Website

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